SAP B1 Applıcatıon And Consultancy

Analysis and Conceptual Design


Do you trust the spreadsheets (excel etc.)? Are you currently using only your Accounting System on the program? Not sure if you need a new system or if our solution is right for you? Maybe you think your company is too small or not ready for the number one business management software in the world? Would you like to have a 100% customized solution considering your industry specific functionality needs? First, you need answers about implementing a new system and what this new system will bring to your company. We offer this first consultancy service free of charge. Chat with one of our experts for 30 minutes to decide if SAP Business One is right for you.



SAP Business One is a 100% global solution implemented through more than 1,100 channel partners (820 VAR, 300 SSP).

Thanks to our dedicated and proven methodology, we are proud to present your SAP Business One application on time, on budget and with your expected functionality.

We aim and want to be with you not only today or during the project but also in the long term. Everything; The best solution for you starts with our business facts, and when we decide how and when to apply.

Together, we set clear goals and then work on them. You can learn more about how we approach every new app request here



Our consultants provide you and your team with the training you need to ensure your company is using the best features of SAP Business One and become an expert in your own system. Usually the trainings are done before the application. Later on, new functionality or training of new users may be required and we will be happy to arrange this for you. We take a proactive approach to keeping our customers up to date with the training they need at every step.



Lack or lack of integration can seriously affect business performance. Solving this with an effective integration application will lead to improved operational efficiency, better control of processes and processes, integrity and control of advanced processes, and reconciliation of transactional data in systems, among others. Our team of consultants, many applications used in Turkey and in the world (eg: Attendance, Payroll, etc. Advanced Manufacturing Practices) and has extensive expertise in providing integration.



SAP Business One offers “Do It Yourself” customization with user-defined fields, forms, queries and reports, and grows with your business with easy product modifications to meet changing business needs.
However, if you need a more specific adaptation, our technical consultant team and in-house software team are ready to create the adjustments and / or add-ons you need. You can be sure that you are in the best hands when it comes to SAP Business One software and customization.

Version Upgrade


As part of our maintenance plan, we will inform you about new functions and features in SAP Business One upgrades.

When it’s time to upgrade and decide, we are here to provide you with a smooth process with improved performance for you.

Our support team has been created to provide a long-lasting and positive experience.
We provide proactive support to ensure your business is constantly evolving.
We keep the new features and software of SAP updated.
Our support team is ready to assist you with any issues that may arise.
First, we will help you determine whether your request is covered by support or advice and we will provide you with the type of help you need.

If you want to get help from our support team, please submit a support ticket here and then you can access your status at any time.

In every project we realized as BE1, we witnessed that the business processes of the companies were designed with information systems and efficiency, as well as these processes were revised and efficiencies were questioned.

We also provide high-level consultancy services to our customers regarding the improvement and development of the business processes we have acquired in different customers and different sectors, and the redesign and improvement of the infrastructure of the information systems, provided that each of our customers remains faithful to corporate business processes confidentiality.

We understand that some “special” requirements will not be supported by SAP® Business One, ready to use. Fortunately, the system is designed to be expanded and customized using standard tools provided by SAP®. Our Programming / Software Development Department builds vertical solutions for certified Software and Computer Engineers or, in some cases, a group of customers, to program custom solutions for our customers. The best part of these enhancements and customizations is that they are 100% compatible with SAP Business One. Thus, our customers; it will benefit from the added functionality of the new versions without any problems.